Platform Integrations

Improve efficiency with integrations, scalable workflows and automations

Connect the systems
you are already using with CoPilot

Whether it’s an external student information system or a new product or solution, integrations help your team optimize case management and achieve superior, integrated student tracking.

A game-changing partnership

CoPilot now offers a seamless, automated integration with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), the nation’s leading provider of educational reporting, data exchange, verification and research services. Partner teams can send their roster file directly to NSC and receive a fully integrated data flow right from their CoPilot dashboard, saving your team countless hours on data clean up.

K-12 student roster integrations

CoPilot seamlessly and securely integrates with any student information system you use, eliminating that arduous, costly step of manual entry while keeping your student roster in sync.

Salesforce application integrations


CoPilot at your side

Across all aspects of our approach, we put relationships first to deliver an outstanding partner experience designed to address your team – and organization’s – unique needs.


Comprehensive, actionable data right at your fingertips

Learn how CoPilot can efficiently capture data across the full student journey and empower your team to get to better outcomes at scale.