Frequently asked questions

Each partner’s situation is unique, but FAQs are a great place to start learning more about CoPilot. To see how CoPilot can be tailored to your specific needs, request a demo.
CoPilot is a highly customizable tool so implementation experience varies from partner to partner. For more details about your specific situation, request a demo.
We do not have a student-facing portal at this time. CoPilot partners with FormAssembly which can help you gather much of the student information on your students’ behalf.
What makes CoPilot a great partner is that we have already done the detail-work in Salesforce. We’ve created an essential tool for tracking multiple data points from different sources. With CoPilot, you can focus on your work goals while we handle the data.
Yes. CoPilot offers training for the system administrator and users. In addition, partners have 10 hours of support that can be used for training or other needs.
Visit our platform integrations page for more detail on the integrations we provide.