Platform Features

Comprehensive, actionable data right at your fingertips

Institutions have no shortage of data. What you need is a system that efficiently captures that data across the full student journey and empowers your team with the flexible views and actionable reports you need to get to better outcomes at scale.

CoPilot offers just that, empowering teams to drive better student progress from college to career. And our customizable automations mean your team can spend more time with students, and less time on data entry.

Built on Salesforce

CoPilot is built natively on the Salesforce platform, the world’s leading cloud CRM solution. By leveraging the foundational strength of Salesforce and pairing that with the innovation and tailored functionality of CoPilot, your organization will be positioned to fulfill your mission and vision like never before.

Dynamic reporting and dashboards

One of the most valuable features of CoPilot are its customizable Partner Dashboards designed to meet your team’s unique reporting and data visualization needs. 

Leverage CoPilot Reports to efficiently organize and categorize data for a better understanding of student performance, more targeted interventions, and to share successes with teams, decision makers and funders. 

Utilize indicators and predictive analytics to make informed and timely interventions with the students who need it most.

Student attendance tracking

Our best-in-class CoPilot Attendance Tool allows large-volume attendance tracking for events like university tours, college fairs or after-school programming where attendance is tracked.

This powerful tool puts student-level insights at your fingertips to pinpoint appropriate interventions to keep students engaged.

Matched with our Self Check-in Tool, you can provide a seamless QR code check-in process for students that directly integrates to CoPilot at the student record level.

Financial aid tracking

Ensure students complete the essential FAFSA and state financial aid completion milestones with the CoPilot Financial Aid Tracking Tool

Track when students apply for FAFSA or state financial aid, when it’s awarded and how much is offered. If your state has an accessible database with FAFSA statuses, CoPilot can add an integration so your team has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

College application tracking

Most students apply to several universities and each application record contains different data points that you can track and aggregate, from their initial list of prospective schools, through application submission, acceptance and enrollment. We integrate a formatted list of current US colleges and universities annually from IPEDS so your college roster is always accurate.

Scholarship application and disbursement tracking

Scholarship organizations enjoy a comprehensive view of applicants and awardees via our flexible reporting features and scholarship disbursement tracking.

View scholarship award statuses and other success indicators in one place – no more bouncing between platforms to determine if a student’s award has been disbursed or if eligibility is still being met.

Financial aid award package tracking

Track a student-level view of financial aid award packages, and categorize by award sources including scholarships, federal grants, work study or student loans.

Use the CoPilot Financial Aid Award Tool to manage student caseloads and ensure they can continue to attend the school of their choice.


CoPilot at your side

Across all aspects of our approach, we put relationships first to deliver an outstanding partner experience designed to address your team – and organization’s – unique needs.


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